Stef | Falkland Islands: Beauchene, Sea Lion and Bleaker Island, January 9th 2010
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Beauchene Island greeted us in the light of a stunning morning sunrise; home to over 200,000 black browed albatross and 30 other bird species. Gentoo & Magellanic penguins awaited us at the Sea Lion island in the afternoon. And what a beautiful day it was! After crossing the island, we were greeted with the business as usual rockhopper penguins. The island was filled with wildlife, from sea lions to sea elephants, to many kinds of geese, vultures and caracaras. The plant life was in full bloom bursting with rich colors. The Bleaker island initially appeared to be not as densely populated. But as I walked through the colonies of scaredy magelanics with some geese among them, I finally arrived at several huge colonies of rockhoppers, hopping away up and down. Imperial cormorants massing at an impressive scale topped off my amazement at how vibrant nature can be w/o human interference. Last but not least is a picture of a strange glow over the horizon that persisted for about an hour... oh la la pretty! (lat: 52 degrees 10'S long: 58 Degrees 50'W)